Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Gym

I wish I was as good at talking people into things as I am talking myself out of going to the gym. I mean, I'm stellar at it.
I try getting up in the morning, but for some reason, when I know I want to get up early, I can't go to sleep the night before. I need to just break the cycle, but I haven't yet, so, in turn, I haven't made it to the gym yet.
One of my excuses was that the gym would be too busy and I didn't want to deal with the evil looks from those "real" gym goers.
Last year I got in a mini-facebook argument with a pilates instructor because she posted something about the expected first-of-the-year gym rush. You know the complaints: people taking the regulars' spots, crazy parking, people not knowing how to use machines, etc...
My argument is this: If you are a "real" gym goer and go all the time, congratulations. You're amazing. Unfortunately I'm out of practice and haven't gone for a while. What would make me more likely to go? People that greet me and ask my name. A welcoming sense of belonging. A quick instruction on the machine or patience when I'm almost done with my 30 minutes.
I strongly believe people fall out of practice going to the gym because they don't feel involved, or as part of something. There is little accountability and the excuses come quickly.
But, what if I went to the gym and someone asked me my name, and said hi when I came in, and said nice work when I got off the machine? I'd probably be more likely to go again. Maybe I'd see that person, maybe I'd be accountable to them, even if I don't know them. Maybe, just maybe, I'd like going to the gym, not just because the endorphins make me happy, but so do the people there.
I decided I'm going to try it on Monday morning. I'm going to go. I'm going to say hi to people. I'm going to smile and I'm going to try and make myself part of that community. Then, maybe I'll go back.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

This is the list. Things to do in 2013. Ready? Go.
1. Make 2013 calendars - better get crackin!
2. Get 70,000 steps per week - Let's be serious, I won't work out every day. I travel, I like to go out to dinner, I have a beverage from time to time, but that doesn't mean I can't make up for it on the other days.
3. Get up earlier - plain and simple, I have to work out in the morning and I have to eat breakfast. I'm too busy after work to work out in the evening every day, not so many excuses in the morning. Breakfast is just good for me. I don't eat as much crap during the day, I generally eat better all around, and it helps me not be grumpy.
4. Decorate this house - I've lived here for a year and while, yes, there has been significant construction, that's no excuse for nothing hanging on the walls in the rooms that haven't had anything done to them. Now to sorting through pictures.
5. Speaking of pictures, make some more photo books. They are really the best way to showcase pictures, and there is no reason not to have more of them.
6. Meet new people - I like my friends, I really do, but doesn't mean I can't make more of them.
7. Eat more dinners at home - I eat better (when I actually go grocery shopping) and I like entertaining, so why not combine the two. It prevents money flying out the windows and generally bad nutrition choices.

Really this all rolls into the theme of 2013 which is Happy. Eat better, exercise more regularly, surround myself with friends and be comfortable where I live. Not resolutions, really just better options for living.