Sunday, September 29, 2013

Re-do 21 days of Gratitude

Day 1:
Rain - I cut two lawns today. The grass was really thick because of the recent rain. We need more
Football - I've been pretty lazy the rest of the day watching football. Chiefs won, now 4-0. All rejoice.
Baseball - Royals finished the season with a winning record and a win today. All rejoice.

Short person problems

I've got a beef with retailers lately. Not mine necessarily, but all of them. Or maybe it should be with Ozarka for not paying for prime shelf space.

This ramble is about sparkling water, but really it's about better research and better knowledge of the product's core shopper.

I'm going to go out on a pretty thick limb and say that the majority of consumers that buy Ozarka Sparkling water (or any Sparkling water for that matter) are women. Probably young, and probably not poor. Being that the average female in the U.S. is approx 5'4'', let's consider what happens when litre bottles of water are removed from the top shelf of the sparkling water section. Oh yes, after those first two are gone, you know what happens retailers? I CAN'T REACH THE OTHER ONES!

Now I'm willing to place the blame also on the stores that don't face their product. But, even if they did face the product, that would still only bring forward 2, maybe 3 bottles. I usually buy 5. Why? A week is 5 days long. When I can only reach 2 or 3, guess how many I buy?

I know shelf space is well thought out and important, but can we help a girl out here?


So much for 21 days of gratitude huh? I got to day 2. Which means I really should just start over again.

It's interesting, I've been thinking about blogging here again for quite sometime, but couldn't think of where I left off. I knew there were New Year's resolutions somewhere on here (not followed, in typical American form). But I really couldn't remember what else was here.

I have decided though that I need to write more often. Not just for Advertising Week, which I do, and not just for work, which I do. But here... Random venting or appreciation or thoughts of what's going on. It'll help sort things out in my head I think. Sometimes I need that. Just to write. The anonymity of the audience helps. I have no idea who is here or who would even like to be here, but sometimes it's better that way. Just writing, no thinking.

I'm gonna try again. Here goes...