Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Do or I Don't?

This year I'm making goals for each month. January was run a mile each day. February was drink no alcohol. March was get up before 6am every day. I failed miserably in March for that goal. Thankfully I made it through my Lenten goal of not eating virtually anything, so I'm counting that one as my March goal. Plus, I read 2 books, which was way more than I have read in a while, so I'm counting that as well.
I think April is going to be go on a date. That seems so stupid to me. Most people have no problems meeting people and going on dates. For some reason I do. It might be because people think I'm judgy. It might be because people think I'm super independent and good on my own and don't need anyone. In reality, I'm neither of those. I've been watching Lifetime movies recently, which seems like something I shouldn't admit in a public space, but I'm not sure why I feel so skiddish about telling people. Is it because they are hokey? Yep, sure. Is it because they are all the exact same and follow the same story line? Yep, also that. But why does it matter? People do stuff that's pointless all the time. The movies are entertaining, who cares if they are intellectual or making me smarter. I'm guessing no one cares...except for those who want to tease me about it for about 5 seconds, then they are over it.
I like the movies because they have a conflict and resolution, all in 90 minutes. They are sometimes romantic, sometimes just plain unrealistic, but as a hopeful romantic myself, I also sometimes just hope they happen. Although, the likelihood I fall in love in 3 days like they do in those movies, is probably unlikely. The way things are going right now, the likelihood I talk to anyone interesting in 3 days is unlikely as well. I need a shot of intrigue. Maybe the April goal of going on a date will provide that. Sadly, no one I know seems to know anyone who is single and somewhat interested, so I'm likely going to have to go back to online dating. In real life I just can't seem to be approachable enough for people to be interested. I'm not sure if in the online world I will be either since it didn't really go swimmingly last time, either, but can't really pout about it if I'm not going to accept the challenge.

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