Thursday, January 5, 2017

UMKC Basketball

Tonight was my first night of exploring more of Kansas City. A friend is a New Mexico State graduate and the UMKC men's basketball team was playing them tonight at Municipal Auditorium. I've never been to a UMKC game before, so it was a great chance to check them out. Tickets were only $10 for general admission and sadly, the place wasn't super full. They did do a good job of trying to make the atmosphere exciting, even with the meager crowd. I'll give KC that it is a bitter cold night and kind of snowy, but I sure hope more people go to games regularly. I really enjoyed the intro video the school showed. It featured all kinds of KC landmarks. The game was pretty sloppy, but pretty fast paced. Unfortunately for me, UMKC lost, but at least my friend left happy! A night cap of lobster rolls at Bristol rounded out the night.

Also tonight I added two more KC adventures to my list: the College Basketball Experience & going to a show at the Folly Theater. Now off to determine what next week's adventure will be! Also, a note of reminder to myself that I should take pictures of future adventures.

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