Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fancy Fancy

I manage digital media, yet until last Saturday I didn't have a smartphone. After telling my employer that I most definitely would not just "add" my work contacts to my personal phone and having them scoff at me for weeks for being so unreasonable, I finally convinced them to put up the fee for me to have a phone that they can contact me on at all times*. (*which means when I'm supposed to be working).
So Saturday I went to Sprint and got a shiny new (EXPENSIVE) Galaxy. I've had the phone for almost 5 days and I've added some apps, created a foursquare account, synced up my emails, transferred all my text campaigns to my work phone so every time I get a text message it isn't a dumb store telling me about their special (clarification, none of these stores have specials in my city, thus, they're dumb), and generally got used to the ginormous smart phone that I now carry with me when I'm "working". I'll tell you what, I don't get the hype.
Maybe it is because I spend hours a day on facebook and updating text campaigns and devising fun promotions, but I just don't really give two hoots about having extensive phone access. I know I needed it, so it was about time, but I have probably really used it 3 times. I'm sure I'll adapt as I have it more and try to figure out this app world, but it sure seems like a lot of work to me.

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