Sunday, September 29, 2013


So much for 21 days of gratitude huh? I got to day 2. Which means I really should just start over again.

It's interesting, I've been thinking about blogging here again for quite sometime, but couldn't think of where I left off. I knew there were New Year's resolutions somewhere on here (not followed, in typical American form). But I really couldn't remember what else was here.

I have decided though that I need to write more often. Not just for Advertising Week, which I do, and not just for work, which I do. But here... Random venting or appreciation or thoughts of what's going on. It'll help sort things out in my head I think. Sometimes I need that. Just to write. The anonymity of the audience helps. I have no idea who is here or who would even like to be here, but sometimes it's better that way. Just writing, no thinking.

I'm gonna try again. Here goes...

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