Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1 word: Truth

This morning I woke up thinking about truth. Not just telling it, or living it, but realizing it. Knowing deep down or in your bones that something is what it is and recognizing what will and can change are very different things and I have to become more accustomed to understanding what the truth is for me. I had a conversation yesterday and another one today that illuminates the truth I've been hiding from for a while. I've really known it all along, but was struggling to shelter myself from it. It's time to recognize and live it. Not just because that is what is fair to myself, but also what is fair to everyone else as well. I had someone confide in me today that I wasn't expecting, which was both welcome and stark. I hope it means my attempt to be more real and truthful with people is helping. It's been somewhat freeing, but also very heavy to release that truth and make sure it is out there. I also had to tell the hard truth today, to face a situation that I'd been avoiding because I thought I could change it. I realized later that I can't. It's somewhat of a failure on my part, but also a realization that things are what they are at certain times and sometimes it is best to just realize the truth of the situation and deal with it. Today has been about truth in so many varieties, I hope the essence of the day continues as it goes.

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