Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hogue Columbia Valley 2007

One of my good friends is doing wine reviews every Thirsty Thursday ( Today, I just happen to be drinking wine as well, so I'll review the wine I'm drinking.
It's a dad wine. I'm really a white girl. I enjoy them more, they are easier for me to drink, and I like them better. Yet, I'm not one to complain when a bottle of wine is open and needs drinking, so the drinking of a Hogue Merlot commenced. I had one glass before my ever-so-fancy Panera dinner, and had two small glasses after.
I'll have to say I don't hate it. I'm not a Merlot fan in general, but it was easy enough to drink. It is quite earthy, and has a somewhat tangy finish. The bottle says it would be good with pork or bbq lamb. I'd vote for the BBQ. I like porc with whites, but as in the disclaimer above, I'm a white drinker.
For this one though, I'd recommend it.

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  1. I have actually tried some of the other Columbia Valley wines and they typically have good stuff. I will add this one to my list to try. Glad to see you are up and blogging!