Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 10: leftovers

Making food every night is hard work. As we're going out of town tomorrow, today was more about eating as much of what is already in the fridge as possible. So this morning, I finished off some more strawberries and grapes. Then, I had forgotten my phone at my parents' last night, so I went by and mom had made me a green smoothie this morning. I thought the double dip on fruits would hold me over throughout the morning, but by 11am, I was, in typical mid-morning fashion, starving. I had some peanuts to hold me over until lunch and then headed home a bit early.
I had the last falafel patty and some more grapes for lunch, as well as a spoonful of natural peanut butter. Dad came over during lunch because the master bedroom/bathroom remodel has begun and he's working on getting it framed in. It will be so nice to have a brand new bedroom and bathroom in about 3 weeks. There are lots of decisions to go before then though! I have some decision making to do. I picked the shower base color in approximately 45 seconds this past weekend, garnering an "Are you sure already?" from my mother, but I just have to go find the time to pick the other stuff and we should be on the move. I did take before pictures, so I'll post those sometime here in the future.
Work was absurd today. It was one meeting after the other, so when I finally made it home I was pooped. I had some peanuts and helped dad with leveling the floor a bit before mowing the grass.
Then I headed to my parents' to help them clean out the fridge. We had leftover soup, sweet potato patties and broccoli for dinner. We spent a good bit of time after dinner experimenting with beet chips (yummy once I figure out how long to bake them for), making green smoothies for tomorrow and Friday morning, and cutting up tons of veggies for the road trip this weekend.
We tried to find a vegan or vegetarian restaurant in Hannibal, MO where we will be staying tomorrow night and didn't have much luck. It'll be an interesting trip.

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