Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 16: Back to Work

I had a green smoothie with pear, pineapple, banana, flax seed, spinach and almond milk for breakfast. Yummy, easy and filling. There was an interesting taste in there and I can't pick out what it was, but the smoothie was still good.
A woman at work makes cakes for fun and she brought in a strawberries and cream cake for a different woman who is having a baby. I had to try a tiny piece of the cake and I was sure glad I did. It was awesome. The little piece was definitely enough for me though, as I didn't feel awesome when I was done eating it, but that didn't last long.
We went to lunch early today and ended up at Chipotle again. I had the same thing as last time, except with grilled veggies this time. I could eat that food every week. It is good, decently healthy and very filling. Except by 3pm I was hungry again. Thankfully a woman at work had some leftover carrots. I ate the whole bag.
I grabbed a leftover salad when I got home from work and had that and a banana before heading off to softball. The games were pretty decent. I played third. A guy on the other team snapped his ankle during the second game, so that was a total bummer, but we won both games. Night 1 of 10 in the books.
Some edamame with soy sauce rounded off the night and bedtime came early because 4am will come even earlier.

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