Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 14: Dessert

It was the day of the party. I started off well with an apple and a banana at the hotel. Then it all pretty much went down hill from there.
We got to the party after we stopped at the grocery store and bought some fruit. I spent about an hour cutting up all various forms of fruit once we got to the house, and I made quite the lovely fruit trays. There were tons of strawberries because my cousin was making a cream cheese tart she needed to top with fruit.
Once everyone arrived, there were hot dogs, 2 hams, 2 crock pots of pulled pork, BLT dip, a huge veggie tray, fruit, baked beans, cheesy potatoes, fruit dip and chopped salad from Portillos. I'm proud to say that I did not eat any meat the whole time. I had brought my leftover falafel from Aladdin Pita and warmed that up. Of course I got weird comments about it, but hey, whatever.
I ate lots of veggies with hummus and quite a bit of fruit. I did try the baked beans because they were a special recipe, but didn't eat anything dairy....until dessert.
I had told myself that I was going to let myself have a piece of birthday cake. Well there wasn't a good cake, so I had 2 cookie balls, half of a chocolate chip cookie and a small slice of the cheese cake tart, which was delicious and did not ever get topped with fruit.
I didn't feel great after dessert so I ate more veggies and munched on some bean dip out of a can. I know it isn't good for me, but it was better than the other options. All in all, I'd say a pretty good party.

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