Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 12: Finding Veggie Fare

As we started the day in Hannibal, MO, the first order of the day was a green smoothie that had been prepared before the trip began. The smoothie was somewhat earthy, which didn't make sense except that it had broccoli in it. Hmmm...
We walked around Hannibal for a bit, taking in the shops and river setting and then headed on the road. Shortly after we got on the road, we realized that going through Champaign would not be that far out of the way, so we headed that way and I started contemplating what I wanted to eat while we were there. Dad voted for Murphy's, but I was pretty sure there would be nothing Eat to Live proof there, so I opted for Za's instead. I thought the one on campus was still closed, but we googled it just instead. The website came up and said that only the two were on Springfield and Neil. We went to the one on Neil, and I had a whole wheat crust with mushrooms, spinach, onions, olives and pineapple. It was a tad bit burnt on the bottom, but other than that it was pure Za's goodness.
After lunch we headed to campus just to take a quick drive around. Mom and Dad hadn't been there since I graduated, and a lot has changed in 8 years! I can't believe it has been 8 years. Pure strangeness. Where has the time possibly gone?
We drove the rest of the way to our hotel and decided we were going to eat on our own instead of going to non-veggie friendly Portillo's. I yelped a veggie restaurant close to where we are, and all I found was a place called Aladdin Pita a few miles down the road. We decided to try out this Middle Eastern place out. It. was. awesome.
First they brought us all these yummy appetizers of hummus, babba gnoush, cucumber & tomato salad and another cucumber and tomato thing with yogurt. All this was eaten with pita. Pitas are non-eat to live approved, but they were good. I had falafel after that and it was even better. Stellar. Not quite my famous falafel from France a few years back, but still good. We got the bill and it was $15. For 3 people to be full and take food home it was $15. Crazy.
We stopped to get some wine on the way home and made it back to our hotel to enjoy a glass of wine before stretching out on a pull-out bed for me. Boy that king sure looked cozy, but all was well, I was super tired and passed out quickly.

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