Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 17: Business Travel

I got up at 4am this morning for a work trip to Dallas. I had an apple on the way to the airport and packed peanuts and a banana in my bag.
There isn't much to report from the trip. We had our meeting then went to a store to see the bakery. I really REALLY wanted to buy some of the delicious looking bread, but I didn't. We had lunch at the store. It was a Mexican store. Well not really a Mexican store, but their demographic is Mexican so the food at the store was all Mexican. Not vegetarian. I had rice and beans for lunch on top of homemade corn tortillas. Yum.
I ate the banana before we got back on the plane to come home.
I came straight home from the airport and had some edamame and black beans. I did random stuff around the house and then went to my parents' for No Pasta Lasagna. It was super filling and really good. I'd definitely eat it again. It was the first experience with soy cheese and it was a great fit.

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