Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 20: Going-Away Party

Got up and ate an apple and headed to the softball field. We played 3 games. Won the first one, lost the second, then won the third. I did put on sunscreen, so didn't get burnt. Point for me.
I came home and had some more black beans and edamame then finished up the no pasta lasagna. The afternoon was full of chores. I cut the grass, did some weeding, went to the grocery store and then Mitch came over and we made some food. Texas caviar, guacamole and three bean salad. Then Andrew came over and brought all of the leftovers. There was so much food.
People arrived slowly and we just kind of hung out all night. Somehow I didn't end up going to bed until 3am and didn't eat horribly all night and drank gin and water again til the gin was gone, then drank some wine. It'll be sad to see Marcus go when he actually leaves for good, but it was fun to get together with everyone.

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