Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 19: Jazzoo

Started off the day with a green smoothie and then the morning at work was just crazy. Lots of meetings and not really much time for anything else. I did go to the Superior Selections tasting where the only thing I ate was hummus and salsa. The salsa was so spicy! Unexpectedly. I didn't realize it was already noon, and I had to be at a meeting at 1, so I ran home and ate the rest of the no pasta lasagna and busted it back to work. I did the training session, explained the contract to Caroline and then just cleaned up loose ends until the end of the day.
I did come home and eat some black beans because I was starving, and we headed out to Jazzoo.
I didn't really hold myself back from eating at Jazzoo. I had the chopped salad from Sunset Grill and it was delightful. It had bleu cheese and bacon in it, but the flavors were awesome. I had a bunch of Andre's goodies too and the rest of the night I was pretty good. I didn't eat any beef, pork or fish. I did have some smoked cheese that was awesome. I drank gin and waters all night, and only had 3, so was pretty sober most of the night. I didn't ever feel stuffed and really considered the night a success from an eating perspective.
We left somewhat early though so I could get some sleep for softball.

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