Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 32: Royals win

The morning started off with a green smoothie that had strawberries, blueberries, spinach, a peach and coconut water in it. It was still a bit bitter, but I decided it was the skin from the peach. I spent the morning finishing presentations, had some carrots for snack and went to lunch a bit early.
For lunch I had a big salad that I had made a few days back and some bean chips that I got at the store. The chips were actually pretty darn good. I'm sure they aren't the best for me to eat all the time, but a tasty alternative to corn chips. There is all the salt that is still involved though. I had some grapes when I got back to the office for "dessert".
The afternoon consisted mostly of a big presentation to business managers, and then I was off at 4! I went to the bank finally and came home to get ready for the baseball game. I headed to my parents' early and had a sweet potato burger for dinner and a bit of my leftover Mexican.
We went to the game and tailgated a bit. I didn't have any meat or any beer still. I had Sparkling water with gin and limes though. Yum.
The game was pretty boring for awhile, but we finally ended up winning in the 9th after a double and an error by the Brewers.
I came home and had the rest of my edamame, a tall glass of water and then hit the hay.

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