Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 27: Sweet Potatoes

I woke up not feeling fantastic, probably because I consumed a good 2/3s of a bottle of wine by myself on Friday night. I got up at 7:45 though because the guys were coming to finish the sheet rock in my bedroom. I had a banana and drank some water, but still wasn't feeling stellar. I did sign up to volunteer though, so off I went to Ilus Day park in downtown KC to help plant sweet potato plants.
So I thought this was going to be a little plot with a few potato plants inside of it. I was wrong. You can learn about the project here:, but whoa was there a ton of land to cultivate. People were getting weeds out when I got there and I got the task of digging holes for an hour and 15 minutes. Then afterwards planted sweet potatoes. I was so not prepared. I wasn't in great shape after about 2 hours, and had to leave to get some food and shade. I felt bad leaving when they weren't even half way finished, but I had to.
I came home and had a burrito with quinoa, veggies and black beans and really just bummed out in the afternoon. I watched some Euro cup soccer and enjoyed the relaxation.
I did head to the Plaza to do a little shopping and found two of the items on my list.
I came home and made some avocado alfredo with soy noodles. It was pretty bland. Went to a party with friends and ended up at Gram & Dun on the plaza for a drink. They had nothing vegan friendly on the menu, so I had a salad without the feta. We drank a bottle of wine and called it a night.

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