Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 41: Ice Cream Cake

The day started all too well, with a text to wake me up making me realize that I set the alarm for the wrong day. Dumb.
I went and played corporate challenge basketball, which was fine, we lost both games, but I pretty much decided I shouldn't play competitive team sports any more. I get overly competitive. I really try hard not to, especially when it is corporate challenge, but I can't help it. Then I get in a bad mood. To add insult, I usually end up hurting myself or being reall sore the next day. Probably best to quit while I'm ahead.
I went and picked up tile for the bathroom on the way home, and after only one trip back to the store had the tile I wanted.
I ate a huge wrap thing because I was starving, but I overdid it on the veggies a little bit. It was a bit messy to eat.
I spent the afternoon painting and helping dad get some of the bedroom/bathroom finished. The rest of the time I sat on the couch while he did all of the hard work.
While on my way over to Waldo Pizza, I stopped at my parents' house to return my dad's phone and was enticed by the quinoa burritos and guacamole that was for dinner. Never one to pass up free, good food. I stayed for dinner and wine. Finally made it to Waldo pizza for the graduation party and couldn't resist the chocolate layer ice cream cake. I tried to cut a really tiny piece and almost knocked the whole cake over, but the five-bite piece was well worth it.
It was also night two of drinking rose wine. A true testament to a French summer.

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