Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 42: the End

In some respects I can't believe day 42 has arrived. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it has been that long, other times it feels like it has been forever.
We had whole wheat waffles this morning with some nutritional modifications, but they were delicious, especially with honey and blueberries on top. We did indulge a bit and have bacon, but the world won't end.
I golfed the Par 3 at OP and was really glad to be done at noon because it was getting HOT!
I came home to help a bit more with the room, but really ended up watching the Royals game on tv and being a bum. I did have a bowl of veggies for lunch.
Finally I showered and headed out to a KU Alumni wine tasting event. I really didn't want to go when we left, but was glad I did. The event was fun and the lima bean salad I had for dinner was pretty darn amazing, as was the lemon strawberry dessert in the tiny little cup. A perfect serving to me.
The challenge is over! I'm not going to go crazy, but I will begin eating bread, cheese and pasta again. No carb loading though. Now the real challenge begins, getting up early to work out. We'll see how it goes...

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