Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 24: Home improvement

Once again had a green smoothie for breakfast. This one had pear, banana, spinach and coconut milk. Pretty basic, but delightful.
It was birthday day at work today and everyone did a nice job of staying away from sweets. There were lots of veggies, fruit and hummus. I also ate Nut Crackers for the first time and they were awesome. Still not great for me, but yummy as an alternative. Somehow I got so busy this afternoon I didn't realize I had to leave for lunch and then it was time for a meeting. I tried to eat as many veggies as possible when I got back but I was still hungry.
After work I went to Whole Foods with mom to get some supplies and thought I'd be eating veggie burgers for dinner not long after, but dad was working on the house so I had to help him. We didn't end up eating til 9:30! The burgers were really yummy though, and guacamole only helps everything.

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