Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 35: Father's Day

I didn't feel stellar to say the least this morning, but got up and headed to mom and dad's for the day. We had eggs and bacon for breakfast, which was the only real big cheat of the challenge. It was a veggie frittata with lots of vegetables in it though, so wasn't all bad.
The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the marathon 15-inning Royals game and lounging. I had gotten 21,000+ steps last night, so I had a few to give. I still got about 8000 today though, so a pretty good week for steps. I munched throughout the day on bits of veggies and leftovers, but was pretty low laying.
We gave dad his presents and had no pasta lasagna for dinner that was delicious as usual. The cheese really makes it better. I can't believe there is only one week left for the challenge. It hasn't been that hard, but I will enjoy a beer here soon, and maybe some cheese!

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