Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 34: Girl Talk

I woke up to the sounds of my dad's truck backing up into my driveway. It was about 8:30 and he was off to work at the duplex, but needed something from my house. I decided it would be a perfect time to get up and head to the Farmers' Market. I went and picked up my mom, had a piece of Farm to Market Grains Galore bread topped with natural peanut butter and we headed out to the OP market. It was packed. We made our way through though and picked up all kinds of produce. We got veggies like beets, swiss chard and lettuce and even some peaches and herb plants.
I needed to pick out a fan, so I opted for the same one I got for the living room, but had to run out to Wilson's to pick it up.
Then made it to the paint store to make the ever-important color decisions. After paying an arm and a leg for the good paint, we ran by Hen House to pick up our CSA. There was bread, chicken, eggs, honey sticks, tomatoes and cucumbers. I hope for more veggies in the future!
Finally I made it home and loaded up on carrots and grapes while I drove out to the bowling alley in the Northland. Corporate challenge bowling was today and I did ok in the first game (168, 137, 143). I was kinda of bummed that I didn't do better, but I did give them my sheets with the average of 138 on it, so I shot above average. We ended up getting the bronze, which was cool.
I got home and picked up mom again to head out to Macy's to get dad some shirts. Then we swung by Old Navy to see if they had any sun dresses, they didn't. I grabbed Dad a golf bag at Dick's and went home to get ready for the evening.
I showered and waited for the ride and we headed off to P&L for girl talk. We stopped at Johnny's first to have dinner. I had a veggie burger with no bun or cheese and stole some guacamole from a friend that made the meal delicious. I was actually surprised at how good it was. I started drinking gin before I left my house and that was probably a bad idea. I continued drinking it through the night and paid for it in the morning.
The DJ was pretty good, it was packed and somewhat hot, but there was lots of dancing! We stayed out a bit after the DJ, but that was just annoying really. I should have left right after and wouldn't have had another drink. I got home and was forced to turn on the AC so that it would be comfortable sleeping weather. I guess it was 83 inside at 2am, so probably a good idea.

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