Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 31: Promotion

The day started off with just a banana because I knew I'd be going to an early lunch. The morning was somewhat hectic, but I left for lunch at 10:50, which made the time pass even quicker. I picked Carolyn up and we headed to First Watch.
We met with Cindy and Shawna. I had a veggie burger for lunch, but on a tortilla instead of a bun. They actually have quite a few things that I could have eaten there, but the burger was definitely filling.
The afternoon at the office went much more nicely. Jerry called me in and gave me the promotion, a generous raise and a new office. Pretty nice way to spend the afternoon.
For dinner, I decided I wanted Mexican to celebrate, but I didn't go crazy. We went to Manny's and while I did eat a ton of chips and some salsa and guac, I did not have any meat or cheese. I had sopes with just beans on them. I know the refried beans weren't good for me either, but better than meat and cheese. I had a margarita also, but it was celebration time.
I came home and walked around the block a bit while talking to people on the phone. I headed home to new windows and primed walls and was asleep pretty quickly.

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