Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 26: Shopping

I had a banana and applesauce for breakfast again today and had a busy morning at work writing job descriptions and having meetings on everything that is going on with the new people and the website program.
For lunch I took Mary to D'Bronx for her birthday since a piece of cheese pizza is what she wanted. I had their healthy veggie sandwich which had hummus, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, carrots and olives on a wheat bun and it was AWESOME. I will definitely eat it again.
When we got back to work I broke out the vegan cheesecake and didn't tell anyone what it was until they tried it. Surprisingly everyone tried it and somewhat liked it. The raspberry sauce helped make it a bit sweeter, but I actually thought it was pretty good for having no sugar. I'll be interested to see what mom and dad say if they try it tommorrow.
I came home after work and had leftover stir fry with black beans stirred in. I also had some guac and a whole wheat tortilla. Man I love avocados.
Then I went to Old Navy and didn't buy anything. I decided to go to Town Center though and found a few things to buy, but there isn't much out there that makes sense for work and for normal times. I talked to Carly for a bit while drinking wine at home and went to bed to prepare for a big day of volunteering, priming bedroom walls and having normal Saturday fun.

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