Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 25: Starlight

This morning had a banana and apple sauce for breakfast as I hadn't made a smoothie last night. Work was normal, yet came home and had a leftover bean burger with guacamole, lettuce and tomato for lunch. Made it back to work in time for my meeting at 1:30 then got to leave early for a meeting with Alex. Thankfully I got home a bit early after going to mom and dad's to borrow the Cuisenart to make the vegan cheesecake. I really need to either invest in one of those things or get married and have someone give one to me. That seems like a better idea, but much harder to pull off. For dinner I make quinoa and stir fry veggies, and when Sarah got here, we ate before heading to Starlight.
In the Heights was absolutely awesome. They rapped and it was hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I felt like the end got a bit slow and predictable.
I made the vegan cheesecake when I got home. It took about 15 minutes total. It went in the freezer for the night and I went to bed.

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